The category “AI Market” was created in order to put more focus on current developments that have made their way out of research laboratories. We aim at

  • descriptive articles accessible to the AI community at large;
  • work that is strongly grounded in the needs of end users.

Innovative applications in the category “AI Market”

Authors with an industrial project or innovative application have the opportunity to present their “product” in a published paper. They can briefly introduce their new products and AI-related aspects, therefore allowing readers to gain a better understanding of current practical applications in AI.

It is important that the AI portion of the product or industrial research remains in the foreground. The article will be subject to a scientific assessment based on these criteria (can be more explanatory and less technical and yet maintain high quality). The article will be printed for free.

Format and Submission

These contributions should be 2 to 4 pages long and are published in the regular KI page layout.

You can find specific instructions on the requested format on the publisher’s (Springer) website at Please submit your contribution electronically to the link on that website as well. Below you will find a brief summary of the technical requirements:

  • Contributions must be in English and 2-4 printed pages in length.
  • Contributions must be created with WORD or LaTeX and be submitted with physical address, e-mail address, and telephone number. You may download LaTeX or WORD templates from the Springer website.
  • Your manuscript should be free of any errors (please use proper correction software). Authors are solely responsible for any typing errors, etc. If the paper is written by non-native speakers of English, please have your manuscript reviewed for clarity by a colleague whose native language is English; and/or use a professional editing and proofreading service.


You may submit contributions at any time. Accepted contributions will be published electronically at short notice (“Online First”) and will generally then appear in the next print edition. If you have any other questions or plan to write a contribution, please contact the editor in advance:

Dr. Daniel Sonntag, German Research Center for AI (DFKI)