Conference reports should describe both the thematic focal points of the conference as well as the author’s personal impressions. It is not necessary to provide an in-depth overview of all events at the conference, and this is usually not interesting, either. We are, however, also interested in papers on workshops or course activities in this category (e.g., “Summer Lectures”).

Content and Format

Please consider the following in your description of the event:

  • Details of the event: location and date/time, organizer and supporting organizations, approximate number of people attending, (important) program segments, e.g., exhibitions, podium discussions, etc.
  • Please refrain from lengthy summaries of who gave which talk when (the interested reader will be able to find this in the conference proceedings). Instead, include possible directions the area of study is headed in and describe those talks or events more thoroughly which you personally consider highlights.
  • Include your thoughts and impressions. What did you think of the conference? Feel free to criticise!
  • Do not forget to include the bibliographic information for the proceedings and/or an address where readers can get more information.

Quick Guide for Conference Reports

  • Conference reports cannot exceed 1 printed KI page (including images). Contributions of more than 1 printed KI page cannot be considered. (This comes to roughly 3,500 characters, including references and vita.)
  • Please abstain from including photos due to limited space.
  • Shorter contributions will generally be published more quickly.
  • When submitting a contribution, please include: number of characters, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Please submit the print template in PDF format as well.
  • Your manuscript should be free of any errors (please use proper correction software). Authors are solely responsible for any typing errors, etc.
  • Include the conference logo as a separate file.

Please refer to our complete list of instructions for authors and guest editors as well.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Britta Wrede, Bielefeld University