Submissions in the category “Discussions” should present personal opinions about topics relevant to artificial intelligence with the intent to start, continue, or complete discussions within this field of research. Contributions can address special areas of research, general research directions in AI, or also policies of organisation, structure, orientation, funding, etc. in the specified field. Contributions should refer to the generally accepted state of the art or explicitly challenge it.

Discussions are not intended to present some scientific work in detail (see “Technical Contributions” and “Research Projects“). Opinions can be stated in a provocative but, of course, never personally injuring way. The argument should be presented in a way that is understandable to the general readership.

Contributions in this section of the KI journal may be written in either German or English. The general author instructions for the KI journal according to Springer Verlag apply in terms of manuscript format and submission procedure.

Papers in this section should be 2 to 6 KI pages long, including images and references. Since discussion papers are intended to be short statements, please refrain from including images as much as possible, limit section levels to one, and restrict references to only the most relevant of the field.

In reviewing the submissions the following criteria will apply: how the contribution relates to the state of the art of the field, the quality of the argument and its presentation, and suitability for the readership of the journal. Of course, the reported personal opinion will not be under review. However, the author or the responsible editor can invite other researchers from the field with a different opinion to submit a follow-up contribution presenting a different view of the topic.


For questions, please consult the managing editor for the “Discussions” section of the KI journal:

Prof. Dr. Sabine Timpf, University of Augsburg