In the category “Letters to the Editor”, there are no limitations on either content or form. The editorial staff reserves the right to shorten letters or not publish them. Anonymous letters will not be published unless the identity of the author is known to the editors.

Quick Guide for Letters to the Editor

  • Letters to the Editor cannot exceed 1 printed KI page (including images). If the contribution is longer, it cannot be considered. (This comes to roughly 3,500 characters, including references and vita.)
  • Please abstain from including photos due to limited space.
  • Shorter contributions will generally be published more quickly.
  • When submitting a contribution, please include: number of characters, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Please submit a print template in PDF format as well.
  • Your manuscript should be free of any errors (please use proper correction software). Authors are solely responsible for any typing errors, etc..