The KI journal invites the submission of reports describing (typically third-party funded) research projects. The most important criterion for acceptance is that the reports are of interest to the audience of the KI journal.

The manuscript should address readers with a strong general background in artificial intelligence, who may, however, not be experts in the topic of the particular project.

Project reports should cover the following points:

  • Topic of the project or initiative
  • Motivation (why is the topic interesting and important?)
  • Who is involved in the project/initiative and how is the project/initiative organized?
  • What is the state-of-the-art in the field and how does the project/initiative advance it?

A project report must contain intermediate or final results, which are evaluated using the common scientific standards. These results may have already been published. In exceptional cases, the presentation of preliminary results may be sufficient.

In addition, authors are encouraged to share lesson learned about planning, structuring, implementing, and coordinating research projects.

Papers in this category should be between four and six pages long.

Paper Format and Submission

You can find specific instructions on the requested format on the publisher’s (Springer) website at Please submit your contribution electronically to the link on that website as well. Below you will find a brief summary of the technical requirements:

  • Contributions must be in German or English,
  • Must be 4-6 printed KI pages in length (including author’s vita),
  • Contributions must be created with WORD or LaTeX and be submitted with physical address, e-mail address, and telephone number. You may download LaTeX or WORD from the Springer website,
  • Please submit a print template in PDF format as well,
  • Your manuscript should be free of any errors (please use proper correction software). Authors are solely responsible for any typing errors, etc.,
  • Submit any images as a separate file.

You may submit contributions at any time. On the Springer homepage, use the editorial system to do so:

Accepted contributions will be published electronically at short notice (“Online First”) and will generally then appear in the next print edition. If you have any other questions or plan to write a contribution, please contact the editor in advance:


Prof. Dr. Christian Igel, University of Copenhagen