In the category of “technical contributions”, the KI journal publishes

  • Contributions from special AI fields,
  • Contributions providing general overviews or tutorials to AI topics,
  • General and technical contributions with AI subject matter from related disciplines (e.g., cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, neuro-informatics),
  • KI dictionary contributions.

Subject Matter and Form

Submissions must be interesting to the wide KI-reading public and easy to comprehend by experts of other AI fields. Technical and general contributions must include a brief abstract as well as a complete but concise list of utilized references. An in-depth structuring is not necessary. Formulas and other technical details should be utilized sparingly or depicted in special boxes / tables / graphics. Specialized terminology should be introduced and explained in the context of a KI dictionary contribution.

The papers should be original and should not have been submitted or published elsewhere. A contribution that originated as a conference paper should be reworked and refer to the corresponding proceedings. It should reflect the current state of and problems in AI research and development.

All submitted contributions will be reviewed by at least two technical experts. The KI journal provides forms for the reviewers.

Quick Guide for Technical and General Contributions

  • Contributions cannot exceed seven printed pages in the KI journal (including graphics) and will not be considered if they exceed this amount. With two graphics, this amounts to roughly 30,000 characters including literature and vita.
  • Graphics should be restricted to two or three due to space limitations.
  • Shorter contributions will generally be published more quickly.
  • When submitting, please include the number of characters of the contribution as well as your postal address, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • Submit a print template also in PDF format.
  • Your template should be free of errors (please use appropriate correction programs). The responsibility for any typing errors, etc., lies with the author(s).
  • Please submit graphics as separate files as well.
  • Graphics, tables, and pictures should be numbered, include captions, and be referred to in the body of the paper. The publisher will usually adjust the graphics to fit the documents and place them appropriately.

Please refer to our complete list of instructions for authors and guest editors.


Please direct any further questions to:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Ludwig, Universität Regensburg