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Since Issue 1-2010 Hermann Engesser Springer Verlag GmbH Heidelberg

Book Reviews

We welcome book reviews. Included in this category are not only printed and bound books, but also electronic documents of the same calibre and character, such as e-books, documented software libraries, or comprehensive e-learning material. Topics of interest include core

Letters to the Editor

In the category “Letters to the Editor”, there are no limitations on either content or form. The editorial staff reserves the right to shorten letters or not publish them. Anonymous letters will not be published unless the identity of the

Conference Reports

Conference reports should describe both the thematic focal points of the conference as well as the author’s personal impressions. It is not necessary to provide an in-depth overview of all events at the conference, and this is usually not interesting, either. We

AI Market

The category “AI Market” was created in order to put more focus on current developments that have made their way out of research laboratories. We aim at descriptive articles accessible to the AI community at large; work that is strongly

Dissertation Abstracts

The “Dissertation Abstracts” section of the KI journal aims at making readers aware of recently completed theses (doctoral dissertation or professorial dissertation/habilitation) covering core AI and related topics. In this section, we publish extended abstracts of completed and accepted theses,


Submissions in the category “Discussions” should present personal opinions about topics relevant to artificial intelligence with the intent to start, continue, or complete discussions within this field of research. Contributions can address special areas of research, general research directions in

Research Projects

The KI journal invites the submission of reports describing (typically third-party funded) research projects. The most important criterion for acceptance is that the reports are of interest to the audience of the KI journal. The manuscript should address readers with

Technical Contributions

In the category of “technical contributions”, the KI journal publishes Contributions from special AI fields, Contributions providing general overviews or tutorials to AI topics, General and technical contributions with AI subject matter from related disciplines (e.g., cognitive science, psychology, philosophy,