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Schwerpunkt: RoboCup

Holonic Control of a robot with an omnidirectional drive


This paper shows how to control a robot with omnidirectional wheels, using as example robots with four motors, and generalizing to n motors. More than three wheels provide redundancy: many combinations of motors speeds can provide the same Euclidean movement. Since the system is over-determined, we show how to compute a set of consistent and optimal motor forces and speeds using the pseudoinverse of coupling matrices. This approach allows us also to perform a consistency check to determine whether a wheel is slipping on the floor or not. We show that it is possible to avoid wheel slippage by driving the robot with a motor torque under a certain threshold or handle it and make high accelerations possible.


Raul Rojas, Alexandedr Gloye Förster






RoboCup in Bremen 14.-18.6.2006

middle-size league
small-size league

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