SIG Cognition

The special interest group SIG Cognition in the German Informatics Society (GI) connects computer science with artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive science. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary discipline that explores intelligence and behavior. In the cognitive paradigm, knowledge and cognition

SIG Knowledge Management (WM/KI)

The Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management WM/KI (SIG WM/KI) is part of the AI section of the German Society for Computer Science (GI). SIG KM addresses computer science methods for capturing, development, utilization, and maintenance of knowledge for organizations

SIG Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Software Systems (ABIS)

ABIS is a Special Interest Group of the German Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI e.V.). The abbreviation ABIS stands for “Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen”, which is German for “Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Software Systems”. Our main activity